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New Obsession-Demo

October 18th, 2007 + 2:10 AM  ·  artofbeing

Another attempt at a pop love song...or something to that effect.
Oh, yes, its a demo. So not the best quality. Also, kinda put together some instruments that are totally non-intuitive.

Lyrics for those who care

New Obsession
Lyrics and Music by Art Of Being

I've just found a new obsession
Its in dreams and flying cars
I've just realized potential
In you

I've got a basic fantasy
In a technicolor dream
I've just realized what matters
In blue

If you close your eyes for me
In you hastened decency
And Your flights of fantasy
Come true
Oh oh

I've got a basket full of pennies
To buy the moon and space in tune
Theres no one else to bid on
But you

I've scared everything I know
No matter how you see
It feels like everyone is gone
But you


If you Close you eyes for me
In you loving constancy
In you dreams of reality
Come true

Look what you've done

I've come undone

Wrong Confessions-Instmtl

August 17th, 2007 + 11:08 PM  ·  artofbeing

Thought you all would enjoy an instrumental version of a song by AOB.

Breakfast Song

January 15th, 2007 + 9:01 PM  ·  artofbeing

Breakfast Song (I Wanna Tell You How I feel)
This song has something going on in the background story. Met her- I acted like a jerk- she got pissed - and then I sing the Breakfast Song.

Our Last Love Song

July 28th, 2006 + 2:07 PM  ·  artofbeing

Hi All,
Long time! Its been a crazy, hot-as-hell summer, family, work, and the occasional sleepless nights. This song is a deviation from my other stuff, but life is full of 'em- deviations. So I'm gonna throw it out there and let you'll enjoy this one, or not, either ways, as always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. This tune is dedicated to one of my biggest influences Greg Dulli from the Afghan Whigs/The Twilight Singers. If you know his stuff, you'll probably find a hint of Dulli in there somewhere.


May 2nd, 2006 + 12:05 AM  ·  artofbeing

Hi all,
Thought I'd put one of my "love songs" on bandamp. Enjoy!
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